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Black Women Legacies

Black Women Legacies is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides a free online database of memorials and historic sites of

 Black women in the United States and globally.  







Black Women Legacies documents memorials created for Black women from the 1800s to the present beginning in the contiguous United States.  Our digital map provides a database of past and present public history sites and memorials of Black women for students, educators, scholars, public historians, and tourists.  

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Our mission is to celebrate the lives of Black Women by documenting and educating public audiences about memorials created in their honor.


Our vision is to make the history of memorials to Black Women available for all!

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Black Women Legacies Board

The Black Women Legacies Board of Directors is comprised of three award-winning historians, who together have published a body of work that has greatly impacted the fields of United States, African American, and Women’s Histories.

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